Successful Sniper Repors

A brief overview of a successful sniper report

Successful Sniper Reports have a lot of similarities with regular scan reports and a much information in common. On this page I will briefly explain only the Wallet Activity element, other elements could be looked up on the Successful Scans page.

Starting with the wallet activity we see the first distinguishable element, second holding line. Let's start from the beginning.

  1. X wallets sniped Y% - This element shows how much of a total supply was sniped in the first [redacted] blocks.

  2. • (A wallets holding B%) - How many wallets still hold any supply. B - the total percentage of hold by those wallets.

  3. 🔫 ADDRESS B: X / S: Y - How much an address has bought/sold. (Layer 0 - Head)

  4. ADDRESS B: X / S: Y - First layer participant wallet (Layer 1)

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