Successful Scan Reports

A brief overview of a successful scan report

After you've received a reply from DSB you might get a little confused of seeing all the information. We should break the successful scan report into pieces and have a detailed look on the each one.

On this screenshot you might see a few key-points that should draw your attention but let's start from the top.

  1. Ticker - Short code for each token, usually a shortened name ($DSB, $SC, $BTC)

  2. Mintable status - This should always be a "No". Otherwise a big 🚩red flag.

  3. Additional labels - entry shows any additional information about the token. Usually is not considered a safety concern unless the "⚠️" emoji is present.

  1. Pool - The liquidity pool DEX platform (Raydium, Orca, PumpFun)

  2. LP Status - What % of a LP token supply was burned. Usually 100% is required and considered a good practice. If the LP Status is <100%, the Dev can withdraw the liquidity and "liquidate" the token's price to 0$.

  3. Liquidity - Current liquidity value of a token (USD).

  4. Supply Airdropped - % of supply of a token that was airdropped from the Dev to other wallets. The lower value is the better.

  1. Market Capitalisation (MC) - Current MC of a token. (total supply - burned supply) * price

  2. Age - Time surpassed from the launch of a token (First mint transaction).

  3. Top 10 Holders - Specifies the % share of 10 biggest wallets. This value should not usually exceed 40%.

  4. Initial MC, LIQ - Initial values that were given on token's release to Raydium, Orca, PumpFun.

  1. Socials, Charts, Snipers - This category could be grouped into one entry. Contains useful links for a user.

  2. CA - Contract Address of a scanned token

  1. Wallet Activity

Let's have a closer look on this one. The wallet activity section consist out of few informational blocks.

  1. "X wallets holding Y%" - This block contains information about indexed wallets. X is the indexed wallets amount and Y is % of total supply. X is always limited to 20.

  2. πŸ‘·πŸ» XYZ2 - This emoji specifies developers' wallets. (Could be >1 if first mint was performed to multiple wallets)

  3. XYZ2 (Wallet) - Shows a wallet that was involved in developers' transactions of a token.

  4. (2) - Amount of "Next Layer" transactions.

  5. B: 0.0 SOL / S: 0.1 SOL - Total swapped value of every wallet.

  6. πŸ”» - Specifies that a wallet has sold more than it bought.

  1. Layers - Total amount of layered transfers.

  1. Swaps - Total swapped Solana amount (Buys and Sells).

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