Reading the error, understanding the cause, looking for the proper support.

Sometimes your requests may fail for various reasons and most of the time bot tries to give you some information about why it failed. This page will show you a breakdown of such responses.

The error response always starts with a "Warning (⚠️)" sign followed by a default message and a reason below. The top part doesn't interest us much, so let's proceed with the reason.

Possible errors and how to deal with them

Here I will write down most of the possible errors and reasons why they occurred. If your error isn't present here, feel free to contact @devkyee in Telegram.

Error MessageCausePossible solution

An error occurred while processing the request (RPC). Please try again later.

The RPC provider has failed to return some crucial information. This could be a minor outage from their part, or an old token with huge history that hits the limit.

Retry again later, if it doesn't succeed - token hits the limit.

No SOL liquidity pool found

Currently the bot supports only TOKEN-SOL Liquidity pairs on Raydium, Orca, If for some reason token doesn't have a SOL pool, the request will fail.

Retry again later (maybe the Dev will create a SOL pool in a few minutes). If no, unfortunately, we do not scan those tokens.

Invalid public key input

Could be an invalid public key for a token (check on solscan) or a bug.

Verify the address on SolScan. If exists contact the support.

Scan is taking too long to process

Scan took more than 5 minutes to process.

Retry later, if the issue persists do not retry.

Metadata for this token does not exist. Check the mint address.

Either the token does not have metadata (name, symbol, etc.) or is not a token but an address.

Verify the address on SolScan. If exists contact the support.

Token basic information fetch failed. Reason: No associated token address found for creator

Possible Bug on our side.

Shouldn't occur most of the times but if you see this error, contact @devkyee in Telegram.

Token basic information fetch failed. Reason: LP Mint includes a malicious program id...

The error is self-explanatory. Liquidity mint includes transactions with a forbidden Program ID which floods the transaction list and forces us to scan a lot of useless transactions (the ones that do not affect balance).

Do not retry, token is forbidden to scan on our platform.

Could not process wallet activity for this token


Contact the support if occurred.

RPC Timed out while fetching initial liquidity transaction. Please retry.

RPC Timed Out.

Retry in a few minutes.

Non-base58 character

Same as "Invalid Public Key"

Same as "Invalid Public Key"

relation "..." does not exist


Report to the support.

Any errors that are not present there should be reported to the support ❗

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